So then what?

So then what?

There is such a diverse, yet talented bedrock of Punk and Ska bands in Kent, that we thought it'd be a fun thing to have each band, learn and cover one of the other bands, involved. To avoid any squabbling, the bands will each pick one CD from the other bands, and they would learn and practice one song of their own choosing. This will take place at the Castle Tavern on 31st January 2015 (To coincide with a gig by 3 of the acts who are participating on the album)

At the end of the process, an album will be created, with a view to putting on a gig with the bands involved in Blackpool, on Wednesday 5th August 2015. The day before Rebellion Festival starts, to raise the profile of the Kent bands.

Each band will be given (loaned) a 128GB memory stick. We want you to record the whole process of learning and rehearsing the songs, as well as all the shit in between. We're then going to edit together and use the footage for a documentary on the Kent punk scene. This'll allow people to see behind the scenes and make this project truly epic.

So What's It All About?

A few of the bands were chatting one night over a beer, about how many bands from Kent have actually played Rebellion Festival, in Blackpool. This is the pinacle of the UK punk calendar.

They came up with 4.......ever!

It was agreed there and then that something needed to be done to raise the profile of Kent punk Bands.

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So then what?

Who Is Involved?